Trane Heat Pumps

Trane Standard Efficiency XB13

Heat pumps are an excellent solution for providing year-round performance for your home, for both heating and cooling. If you own your home, heating and cooling the interior of your home is one of the most important elements of your home. Trane Standard Efficiency Heat Pumps XB13 are known for their quality, their exceptional efficiency […]

Trane Standard Efficiency XB14

Years ago, I heard about heat pumps and how awful they were. Coming from a farming community in which it’s next two or three generations moved away and into larger towns and cities, I had no idea what a heat pump was. I was one of the kids who married and stayed in the area. […]

Trane High Efficiency XR13

The Trane High Efficiency XR13 air conditioner is an excellent choice for those who live in moderate climates. Its efficiency is 14 which is perfect for moderate climates in which air conditioning does not need to be used at all times. It costs much less than the higher SEER models which are needed in hot […]

Trane High Efficiency XR15

Heat pumps can be an efficient and cost-effective alternative to an air conditioner, especially in moderate climates where extreme temperatures are unusual. Heat pumps work by moving heat from one location to another, which can help to both heat a home or cool a home, depending on whether the heat should be moved inside to […]

Trane Super Efficiency XL15i

Trane brand is practically an institution in the heating and cooling industry. Since its inception more than a century ago, Trane has retained its position as a world leader in providing energy-efficient heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems, solutions and services. In spite of having numerous brands of heat pumps available, it is not surprising […]

Trane Ultra Efficiency XL16i

The Trane Ultra-efficiency XL16i heat pump is just one more example of Trane’s innovative efforts to provide products that go above and beyond expectations. There are multiple advantages to this product. First, Trane is a respected brand in HVAC work, and comes highly recommended by HVAC professionals. Second, the SEER and HSPF ratings on this […]

Trane Ultra Efficiency XL20i

The beauty of a heat pump is that the same unit can provide heat in the winter and cooling in the summer. Now that dual-purpose technology has been taken a step further by adding new features to make it as quiet, efficient and convenient as possible. The result is the Trane Ultra Efficiency XL20i, the […]