Amana Heat Pumps

Amana GSZ13 Distinctions

The Amana GSZ13 Distinctions is the product of Amana’s ongoing research in the field, and is one of the most efficient and economical heat pumps on the market. Amana is an old, respected name in appliances, and buying one of these heat pumps ensures efficient performance that will result in lower power bills throughout the […]

Amana GSZ14 Distinctions

When summer hits and the temperature gauge starts to skyrocket, the last thing any family wants is an unreliable heat pump, or one that will send their electrical bill skyrocketing just as high as the temperature. In the winter, that same family needs the sort of heat pump that can keep their home at a […]

Amana SSZ14 Distinctions

Heating and cooling costs for homeowners average about $1000.00 a year. This is about one half the home’s total energy costs. Consider these benefits, if you are contemplating buying a heat pump or replacing your old unit. 1. If your unit is over 12 years old, you could conceivably save 30% on your current bill. […]

Amana SSZ16 Distinctions

Heat pumps have become immensely popular because they provide the convenience of a heating and cooling system combined in one compact unit. Amana, a trademark of Maytag, has been in business for more than 100 years and are expert manufacturers of energy-saving heat pump models. Customers are presented with a variety of choices under the […]

Amana ASZ13 13 SEER

When it comes to a long-lasting, reliable climate control system, Amana is a brand that has been proven to beat its competition time and time again. With a strong market presence across the country for many years, it has made itself into a staple in American households for all heating and cooling needs. If it […]

Amana ASZ14 14 SEER

A brand with a long history of providing quality home appliances, Amana’s line of heating and cooling systems offers the same level of dependability. This is seen in the Amana ASZ14 heat pump with superior features and reliable operation at an affordable price. One of the most important attributes of a heat pump is its […]

Amana ASZC16 16 SEER

Amana is well known for their high quality, affordable heating units that have been popular for generations in the United States. One of their most reliable models is the Amana ASZC16 16 SEER. It offers technology that will keep your water nice and hot for years to come. A mid-price model, it will save you […]

Amana ASZC18 18 SEER

Amana is one of the leading providers of heaters, and a trusted name in the category of heat pumps and geothermal heat pumps. Quite a few brands sell similar heat pumps, but Amana is one of the very few trusted brands and they also provide a warranty for these kinds of heaters. Amana ASZC18 18 […]